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so that millions of Google users can better discover your pharmacy on Google Search and Maps, and then easily be redirected to your MedEssist digital storefront refills reservations or appointments.

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Unlock a New Channel to Increase Pharmacy Foot Traffic

With MedEssist’s integration with Reserve with Google, reach millions of potential patients actively searching for the services you provide on Google Search & Maps. Directly enable them to book appointments with your pharmacy, right from their search results!

Seamless Scheduling and Intake through MedEssist

With MedEssist collaborating with Reserve with Google, you can rest assured that patients will still be seamlessly redirected to the MedEssist clinical intake and scheduling systems you already love. This ensures that you can continue to use all the fantastic features from us, from hassle-free appointment booking to streamlined minor ailments workflows, efficient prescription management, and much more!

Drive Patient Growth by showing the world what you can do

Stand out from the crowd by showcasing vital information such as your comprehensive range of services and associated pricing, both through our platform and Google. This transparency not only fosters trust but also enables you to promote important healthcare services not available at most pharmacies such as those offered through the MedEssist Access to Care program.

Entirely Automated

There's nothing else you need to do! Just ensure your information is up to date, and all bookable and prescription services will automatically sync with Google every night.
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What is MedEssist?


Medessist is built by pharmacists who have worked on the front lines and understand your pain points because they’ve gone through it themselves. We are a complete business solution that supports independent pharmacies in so many ways, providing clinical, scheduling and marketing tools all-in-one screen.

Furthermore, MedEssist is also the only pharmacist-led startup working with Google for Startups, giving us access to world-class engineers, who help us design these tools. In addition to helping pharmacies simplify their workflow, we also help pharmacies build their online presence and help them build and grow their business. MedEssist is currently supporting hundreds of independent pharmacies across Canada.

Who made this Minor Ailments solution at MedEssist?


MedEssist’s Minor Ailments solution was built by our clinical team, which is composed of experienced pharmacists from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec, provinces where pharmacists have been practicing Minor Ailments for over a decade. Incorporating best practices taken from experienced pharmacists, our system thoroughly guides you through red flags, care plans, prescriptions and easy follow-up scheduling, enabling you to conduct assessments under the realistic time constraints experienced in a busy pharmacy.

What is 'Reserve with Google'?


The Reserve with Google integration makes it easy for patients to book appointments with you through Google Search and Maps. Patients already searching for your pharmacy, or services your pharmacy provides, will find your pharmacy and be redirected to your MedEssist scheduling site to book an appointment.

How does it work?


With our integration, we can activate the experience automatically for you. All you need is a Business Profile on Google with a name and address that matches your account name within our systems. If your Business Profile is not set up yet, sign up here. MedEssist will pass through your latest information, including services you offer, and automatically enable the booking functionality on Google.

What should my patients expect when they click the “Book Online” button on my Business Profile, or other booking entry points associated with my business on Google Search & Maps?


Once a patient clicks a booking entry point associated with your business, the patient will be redirected to your MedEssist scheduling site. From there, they complete the booking as they normally would.

What are the differences between this integration and my Business Profile on Google?


1. A Business Profile on Google is a way for a business to show up on Google Search and Maps and interact with patients online. A business can showcase all key details such as business hours, contact information, and services offered.
2. The Reserve with Google integration is an add-on feature that links up to your Business Profile and allows patients to be redirected to your MedEssist booking website by clicking a blue “Book Online” button placed prominently on profile.
3. These products work together to help you reach new patients for appointments.

How can I opt out of Reserve with Google?


We have integrated with Reserve with Google to help customers find and take action with your business on Google Search & Maps. If you want to opt out of the integration, message us in our support chat or click here.

What fees are associated?


This integration is included in both our Essential and Professional plans at no additional cost!

Why choose MedEssist?


MedEssist is your trusted partner for streamlined appointment booking solutions. Here's why pharmacies prefer us:

1. Extensive trust: With a proven track record, over 500 pharmacies rely on MedEssist for their appointment needs, attesting to our reliability and effectiveness.
2. No-show reduction: Our platform offers seamless booking and reminder functionalities, effectively minimizing no-shows and optimizing your pharmacy's operational efficiency.
3. Full-service management: From scheduling to outreach, we handle every aspect of appointment management. This comprehensive approach ensures that your pharmacy maximizes patient reach without the burden of logistical complexities.

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