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Unlock the potential  of your pharmacy through MedEssist’s Marketing Suite! 
At MedEssist, we understand the unique challenges that independent pharmacies face in today's competitive landscape. That is why we have developed a comprehensive Marketing Suite tailored for [community] pharmacies!

Google for Startups

At MedEssist, we are dedicated to ensuring your pharmacy stays ahead. Discover the capabilities of our digital storefront, allowing you to amplify patient accessibility while taking advantage of the digital landscape.

MedEssist is proud to be part of the Google for Startups accelerator, facilitating close collaboration with Google engineers for mentoring and tailored product assistance. Through this intensive three-month program and ongoing support, we were able to work closely with the Google team to enhance and completely redesign the MedEssist pharmacist dashboard and patient-facing portals.

After talking to hundreds of pharmacists and pharmacy managers across Canada and the US, we elevated our Digital Storefront for pharmacies, enhancing usability, accessibility, and SEO. This ensures heightened visibility, allowing more patients to easily discover you.
Digital Storefront

Use MedEssist to put yourself on the map! With our digital storefronts, pharmacies can customize the interface patients interact with and showcase the wide variety of pharmacy services offered at your store. Your pharmacy website is a patient's first impression of your pharmacy practice and business.

When a patient lands on your pharmacy website, you want to evoke the feelings they may experience when visiting you in person – that you care about their health, you’re accessible, trustworthy and here to help them improve their health! Having a pharmacy website with the wrong goals can hurt your business as our marketing team has demonstrated before in this blog.

Explore how we revolutionize your pharmacy, efficiently promoting your services and expanding patient reach with modern solutions.
Pharmacy Metrics Dashboard

With regular websites, there’s no way for pharmacies to have control over the outcome, but with digital storefronts, use our metrics analytics dashboard to manage your portal’s bounce rate, which tells you how many visitors are leaving immediately after landing on your site.

Finally, leverage our dedicated system to help you garner more google reviews from your satisfied patients, boosting patient trust and enabling new patients to feel more comfortable in choosing your pharmacy over your competitors.

Pharmacy Marketing Materials

Get ready to elevate your pharmacy’s reach through the built-in marketing tools provided by MedEssist.
Our marketing materials are designed to boost patient engagement, and ensure your services and promotions are communicated effectively to both existing and new patient demographics.

The problem is most marketing materials are generic and built-for-every-other-pharmacy that is not you! You have taken the time and effort to engage in your patients' health, in taking care of their family and in being there for them. Give your patients an easy, and convenient way to come back to your store for your services! That’s why all of our marketing materials have your custom pharmacy storefront attached to them. This avoids sending patients to a generic pharmacy directory; instead, save your patients the time and convenience, enabling them to engage with you within seconds!

Counter top
Designed for your pharmacy countertops. These black and white printables ensure your patients are aware of the services you provide.

Make a statement with our full-color storefront posters. These vibrant visuals are impossible to miss, grabbing the attention of passersby and highlighting your pharmacy's service offerings.

Bag Stuffers
These handouts are designed to be stapled to or inserted into prescription bags to keep your patients in the loop.

Social Media
Elevate your online presence with our downloadable images tailored for social media platforms. Automatically adjust dimensions to fit various platforms, ensuring your posts look professional and engaging.

Shelf Talkers
Stay tuned for our upcoming shelf talkers! These attention-grabbing tools draw focus to products on your shelves, guiding patients to your featured items or transforming OTC recommendations into comprehensive minor ailment assessments within minutes.

Marketing Packages
Convenience Delivered. Simplify your marketing efforts with our ready-made packages. Our team handles the organization, printing, and delivery of marketing materials, directly to your pharmacy.

Campaign Manager

Imagine having a dedicated marketing manager in helping you run your social media or marketing campaigns! Access our Campaign Manager, a tech-enabled marketing suite within MedEssist to  help you manage pharmacy-specific campaigns at your fingertips.

Our built-in Campaign Manager allows you to effortlessly create professionally designed marketing campaigns, where you can craft large, eye-catching color posters, cohesive social media images, a fully customizable campaign banner, and other elements with ease. 

Unveil additional marketing materials that ensure your patients are always well-informed about your highlighted services and campaigns. When a patient engages with your Campaign or wants to learn more, you’ll be informed through your Metrics dashboard.

Campaign Examples: 
COVID bivalent 
COVID bivalent and flu
Minor Ailment
Pharmacist walk-in clinic
Pharmacist health clinic 
+ more

These engagements show you what patients are curious about at your pharmacy and how they look to you for healthcare information and literacy.

Pharmacy Newsletters

Keeping your patients informed and engaged with what your pharmacy team can help them with is essential to retaining them as repeat customers. Keep your customers up-to-date on new arrivals, health tips, and pharmacy promotions.

MedEssist's Newsletter feature makes managing your newsletters at the pharmacy a breeze, once again redirecting patients back to your personal store, not a generic pharmacy directory that has the potential to lure customers to another store.

There are several financial and loyalty-based benefits in community pharmacies maintaining a newsletter for their patient-base, as outlined by our marketing team in this blog.

Unique QR code generator

Boost your online presence, while effortlessly informing your patients about your services at the same time, with our built-in QR code generator, a must-have marketing tool!

The pandemic has created an omnipresence for QR readers, from restaurants and grocery stores to hospitals – such that every demographic is now familiar with QR codes so why not leverage this game-changer for your pharmacy because of how easy and effective it is? 

With this built-in marketing tool, you can seamlessly generate a unique QR code for patients to scan and land on your pharmacy digital storefront in just 3 simple steps: 

1. Open your smartphone’s camera app.
2. Focus on the QR code in the photo
3. Press on the pop-up link and watch as you’re redirected to our demo digital storefront
Imagine what a seamless experience this will be for current and new patients when they walk into your pharmacy and see QR codes on your countertop posters, shelf-talkers in your OTC aisle, or on your Pharmacy Walk-in Clinic posters found in your neighborhood, redirecting them all to you

Our QR codes are automatically added to marketing content, from posters to bag stuffers, and can easily be found in our marketing suite. With just a few clicks, you can print marketing material with QR codes that are unique to your pharmacy, and use them to boost your engagement. 
As always, we’re here to support community pharmacy managers like you in running your practice and growing your pharmacy business.
Our team of pharmacists will always take your feedback and you can look out for the Updates page on our platform for more exciting features!
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