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Andrew Dover
Harrisville Pharmacy
Harrisville Pharmacy, at the heart of Moncton, is led by Pharmacist and Owner Andrew Drover. With over a decade of experience, Andrew’s journey began at Sobeys Pharmacy, eventually leading to a role as a Specialist of Pharmacy Operations at Shoppers Drug Mart. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, he and his wife Erin opened their own pharmacy, focused on personalized care and a range of services including minor ailment treatments, travel health, and virtual care. Over the last 4 years, Harrisville Pharmacy has been putting the needs of patients first by blending empathy with high-quality care.
Since starting with MedEssist, I've been truly impressed by its capabilities and the efficiency of the team.

It's clear that this platform is designed with the pharmacist's perspective in mind. MedEssist offers seamless functionality and a wide range of features that have greatly benefited our practice. It has facilitated the adoption of the pharmacist-led clinic model we've been aiming for. The clinical workflows have significantly improved our speed and patient interaction, particularly during in-person visits. What's more, their customer support is top-notch — timely and incredibly helpful whenever we have questions or need assistance. I can confidently recommend the platform to anyone looking to transform they're practice.
Brian Mok
Bayside Medical Pharmacy
Bayside Medical Pharmacy, serving the Leaside community for over 17 years, has a dedicated team of 12+ professionals, including 4 pharmacists. Among them is Brian Mok, a University of Toronto BSc in Pharmacy graduate. For 16 years, he’s been at the forefront of patient-centered care and mentoring/training students. With their diverse services from minor ailment prescribing to addiction treatment, Bayside Medical Pharmacy remains the trusted choice for holistic care.
...what sets MedEssist apart is their commitment to staying updated within the pharmacy landscape, practice-setting guidelines and the latest developments in educational programming.

MedEssist has been such a great tool in the pharmacy, and I’m so glad we launched our pharmacy with it this year! It has made a difference in our pharmacy launch through its seamless integration with our pharmacy workflow. The extremely user-friendly interface streamlines minor ailment assessments and follow-ups, as well as unique pharmacy-specific consultations that we do for our patients, saving time and helping us thrive in our practice.

With so many pharmacists on the team, what sets MedEssist apart is their commitment to staying updated within the pharmacy landscape, practice-setting guidelines and the latest developments in educational programming. Functional updates and new features every week help keep our pharmacy team ahead in patient-facing settings, from compliance changes to technological advancements. Their proactive customer support is second to none, and we're always supported by thoughtful answers from other practicing clinicians. Overall, MedEssist is a game-changer, making our lives easier in an ever-evolving profession constantly demanding more from us. If you're seeking an intuitive, reliable platform to support you in how a modern pharmacy needs to operate in 2024, I highly recommend MedEssist.
Poshin Jobanputra
Cooks Pharmacy
Cooks Pharmacy is a family legacy. Raised by pharmacist parents, Poshin Jobanputra’s journey began at age 12, dusting shelves and working as a cashier in his parent’s pharmacy. After graduating from pharmacy school himself, Poshin expanded Cooks pharmacy to 5 locations across Waterloo Region, New Hamburg, and Wellesley since 1985. As a proudly independent pharmacy and a committed team of 9 professionals, they serve the community with care and compassion.
I started using MedEssist in March of this year, and within a month, I knew it was exactly what I needed.

Its effectiveness in streamlining our operations was evident from the start for me and my team. Now, I'm planning on implementing it in my other pharmacies as well. MedEssist has truly proven itself to be an invaluable tool for enhancing efficiency and competitiveness in the pharmacy world.

A standout quality of MedEssist is its impressive customizability. It's clear that this platform was designed by pharmacists who truly grasp the intricacies of pharmacy operations. Each feature feels personalized to our workflow, offering unmatched flexibility. I highly recommend giving MedEssist a try if you’re looking to offer a comprehensive and easy solution for your patients.
Vinay Kapoor
Dawson Heights Pharmacy
Thunder Bay’s locally owned Dawson Heights Pharmacy consists of a team of 14 professional staff led by pharmacist Vinay Kapoor. The team brings 20+ years of experience, offering various professional services, from comprehensive medication reviews to diabetes management.
Through the minor ailment prescribing tool, we’ve been able to help over 300 patients and prevent walk-in visits at emergency rooms, thus improving our community’s access to acute treatment.

The MedEssist team contacted us in early 2021, but we were overwhelmed and apprehensive about signing up for anything new. In January 2023, we explored implementing their Minor Ailment program in our pharmacy to help manage the demand and promotion of our new scope of practice. Since then, MedEssist has proven invaluable in helping us promote our pharmacy, with over 200+ patients interacting with our pharmacy website on their own, reducing phone calls at the pharmacy and giving us better visibility of our online presence.

Through the minor ailment prescribing tool, we’ve been able to help over 300 patients and prevent walk-in visits at emergency rooms, thus improving our community’s access to acute treatment. We’ve even met over 70+ new patients through MedEssist. During the summer, our entire pharmacy team invested in a training session to learn how to optimize our specific use case at our store. Meeting new patients since then has made the platform worth the investment instead of running expensive ad campaigns. While in practice, it's also been convenient to communicate easily with patients via custom text messages without playing phone tag!
Harry Sheth
Stony Plain Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy & Travel Clinic
Stony Plain Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy & Travel Clinic is led by pharmacist Harry Sheth, who is a certified diabetes and respiratory educator as well as certified in compression stocking therapy. The dedicated team of healthcare practitioners offers unique services, including comprehensive travel consultations and compression stockings fittings, with a simple mission - to make patients feel and stay healthy all the time.
MedEssist is the best platform for Pharmacy Health Clinics.

I’ve tried others, but none are as comprehensive, customizable, and easy to use for both pharmacists and patients. Using MedEssist diligently alongside Kroll has helped me grow my pharmacy without hiring additional staff. Their workflows have allowed me to spend 50% less time in the consultation room, and I’d recommend them to any pharmacy that wants to simplify and grow its business.
Nina Shah
Deep Rivers Pharmacy
Pharmacist Nina Shah, a graduate of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, passionate about helping people daily and making a difference, runs Deep Rivers Pharmacy, a fully independent pharmacy. With a prescription dropbox that accepts prescriptions even after hours, the pharmacy is dedicated to providing quality healthcare. Her pharmacy is even home to a British Sweetshop, which has become Ottawa Valley’s most significant UK sweets and treats shop!
MedEssist has helped us grow and strive through all the busy seasons.

Deep Rivers Pharmacy has been using MedEssist since 2021 and MedEssist has helped us grow and strive through all the busy seasons. With MedEssist, all our appointments and documents are easily organized and we are able to use our saved time to better serve our patients. Whenever we had a question about using this platform, it was always only a simple chat or easy phone call away to great customer service and technical support. We are so happy with the out-standing, reliable, timely support we get from MedEssist.
Jin Wei
Stewart's Pharmacy
Stewart’s Pharmacy, led by pharmacist Jin Wei along with his team, provides a wide array of services, from simple compounding to providing consultations and vaccinations. Passionate about not only healthcare but also their community, as they love supporting their local hockey teams!
It was essential in helping my pharmacy navigate COVID and Influenza vaccine season.

MedEssist is a product that is constantly innovating and providing new features constantly. It was essential in helping my pharmacy navigate COVID and Influenza vaccination season. The customer service is friendly yet professional, not rushed but efficient and fluid. Would highly recommend it to any pharmacy provider.
Steve Bond
Yurek Pharmacy
Pharmacist Steve Bond manages Yurek Pharmacy in St. Thomas, providing services and healthcare advice. Steve, along with his dedicated team, has been providing care following his simple philosophy that they’re here to look after people and with over 20 years of experience, has become a trustworthy and reassuring voice to his community.
...the platform has also become an integral asset to our workflow...

We’ve been using MedEssist since Oct 2020, and it has both helped us increase engagement with and visits to our portal but has also allowed us to welcome over 500 new patients to our pharmacy! The platform works well even with our older patient demographic and improves access to our pharmacy services even for those struggling with technology. With over 1000 bookings and registrations through the portal alone, we’ve reached more patients now than ever before.

MedEssist has also made communicating with our patients easy by allowing emails and texts to be sent directly through the platform, enabling us to be even more accessible to our community! It has helped our patients, and the platform has also become an integral asset to our workflow. We’ve completed 150+ assessments and thousands of vaccine appointments, scheduled follow-ups with patients, and even faxed fellow healthcare providers directly from the platform within minutes, allowing us to continue offering clinical services without compromising on other tasks. The platform has also been adaptable and accommodating to provincial updates (new minor ailments, RSV, etc.) and our feedback - responding promptly to requests and regularly releasing relevant updates with access to new features and services.

We’re excited to see our pharmacy continue to grow with the help of MedEssist!