Elevate your Pharmacy Practice: The Power of Deprescribing

November 2, 2023

Are you searching for a way to distinguish your pharmacy practice and offer your patients something truly exceptional? If your aim is to stand out and provide unparalleled value to your community, then keep reading!

Let's start by addressing some familiar scenarios:

  • Do you often encounter patients who feel overwhelmed by their medication regimen, yearning for a simpler pill routine?
  • Have you noticed that some patients rely on medications that have lost their suitability over time?
  • Are there individuals who've tried to stop their medications but faced challenging rebound or withdrawal symptoms?
  • Are your patients concerned about the potential risks associated with their current medications?
  • Have you witnessed patients experiencing falls or grappling with mysterious symptoms like dry mouth, fatigue, or memory issues?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions and have successfully assisted your patients in any of these scenarios, you're already well on your way! Integrating deprescribing into your professional approach and clearly communicating this service to your patients can set your pharmacy apart significantly. This is what we like to call the “Deprescribing Difference”. 

Deprescribing involves the reduction or discontinuation of medications that are no longer beneficial or may be causing harm. Its focus is on optimizing medication regimens to enhance patient outcomes and improve their quality of life. You may have already helped patients with this on some level, so why not dive deeper and call it out as an actual service you provide!

Here’s what offering this service can do for you:

Distinguish Your Pharmacy

By introducing deprescribing services into your pharmacy, you instantly set yourself apart from the crowd. It positions your pharmacy as a center of comprehensive care, offering a unique value proposition that resonates with patients.

Enhance Patient Retention
Patients value pharmacists who go the extra mile to optimize their medication management. This patient-centric approach builds trust and fosters strong patient-pharmacist relationships, leading to increased patient loyalty and retention.

Promote Patient Well-Being 

Deprescribing is fundamentally about enhancing the quality of life for your patients. It reduces the risk of adverse effects, eliminates ineffective treatments, and enhances medication adherence. This focus on patient well-being aligns perfectly with the evolving role of pharmacists as integral healthcare partners.

To facilitate your journey into the world of deprescribing, we've partnered with Stacey D'Angelo, founder of Your Simple Health. She has developed a comprehensive course on the MedEssist Education Hub that provides invaluable insights and guidance for incorporating deprescribing into your practice: https://edu.medessist.ca/courses/deprescribing-101.

Here are some key steps she emphasizes:

  • Thoroughly assess the patient's medication history and their current health status
  • Engage in open discussions about their values, goals, and any concerns they may have
  • Collaborate effectively with the patient's healthcare provider to ensure a well-coordinated approach
  • Safely taper down medications, avoiding abrupt discontinuation when necessary

If you come across cases that are beyond your expertise, don't hesitate to reach out to deprescribing specialists, such as Stacey, who can offer additional support: https://www.simplehealthpharmacist.com/providers 

When you're ready to promote your new deprescribing service to your patients, leverage the array of tools available on the MedEssist platform. Customize your own website campaigns, bag stuffers, posters and more, to promote your unique offering of this service.  

In summary, deprescribing is about more than just reducing medications; it's about elevating your role as a pharmacist and delivering comprehensive care that truly makes a difference in your patients' lives. Visit our Education Hub to get started!

"Deprescribing is like teenage sex... Everybody talks about it, no one knows how to do it, and everybody thinks everybody else is doing it!"

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