Pharmacy Appreciation Month: What’s it like being a Pharmacy Student at MedEssist

February 29, 2024

As Pharmacy Appreciation Month dawns upon us, it is a fitting time for the pharmacy students here at MedEssist to reflect on their paths to pharmacy and their experience at MedEssist. Cassie, Nicole, and Madison are students from diverse backgrounds at different universities across Canada. In this article, we delve into their journeys to pharmacy and what they experience during their rotations at MedEssist.

Cassie, Nicole, and Madison - pharmacy students at MedEssist

Why did you get into pharmacy?

Cassie: Volunteering in hospital sparked my interest in healthcare, but it wasn’t until I took a pharmacology class in my third year of undergrad that I found myself intrigued in learning more about medications. Hearing about the skills and knowledge gained in pharmacy school from friends, along with the diverse career opportunities and continuous professional growth, solidified my decision to pursue pharmacy as a career. 

Nicole: Throughout my undergrad, I knew I wanted a career focused on helping people daily. Volunteering at local pharmacies confirmed this for me. As a pharmacy assistant, witnessing the expanding role of pharmacists made me love the profession even more. I’m drawn to pharmacists’ accessibility in healthcare and aspire to provide that for others, including my family. 

Madison: It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do but I’ve always been interested in science. It wasn’t until I was already a few years into my genetics degree at the University of Manitoba that I became interested in healthcare. I eventually took a pharmacology course that I really enjoyed and that was the same year I decided to apply for pharmacy school.

What’s it like doing a rotation at MedEssist?

Cassie: Doing a rotation at MedEssist allowed me to gain a unique set of experiences. I acquired skills applicable to diverse pharmacy areas and got to see how a startup tech company runs. From testing new features to creating clinical workflows, my rotation at MedEssist allowed me to use my clinical knowledge as well as enhance my creativity and problem-solving skills. Moreover, interacting with pharmacies nationwide broadened my understanding of diverse practices and different scopes of practice. 

Nicole: I love it. After working with different softwares in community pharmacy it has been a really engaging experience to work behind the scenes. I have really enjoyed testing features and brainstorming solutions. This rotation has challenged me to think differently and tap into my creativity, combining problem-solving with pharmacy. Each day brings a new role or task, adding to the excitement of the experience. 

Madison: It’s quite unique from any other rotation I’ve done. Rather than interacting with patients, you’re guiding pharmacists from all across the country, which is quite different. However the majority of this rotation is project based and you get a good variety on the types of projects you work on whether it’s clinical workflows, socials and marketing, or new product testing, so there’s always something that interests everyone and you get a lot of independence when you work.

As a student at MedEssist, what did you find most rewarding about your work?

Cassie: The most rewarding part of my work is being able to connect with pharmacists and assist them in advancing their businesses by suggesting solutions using MedEssist features and promoting their pharmacy by designing their digital portals. Moreover, testing new features is also a very rewarding aspect because seeing my suggestions leading to changes makes me feel like I’m making real contributions. 

Nicole: It has been very rewarding to see my suggestions and questions lead to real implementation or further discussion. Knowing that I can contribute to making a pharmacist’s life easier with MedEssist is deeply rewarding. Additionally, the one-on-one experiences with independent pharmacy owners have allowed me to understand their workflows and tailor MedEssist to their specific needs. Acting as a consultant to optimize patient experience and workflow efficiency has been very fulfilling. 

Madison: On the project side of things, it’s cool knowing that a lot of what you work on will be viewed and used by pharmacists all over Canada (and now some places in the US too). Also on the training and onboarding side of things, helping pharmacists understand how best to use the MedEssist platform can empower them to grow their business and by doing this it also means more patients are being helped and getting access to the care they need.

Interested in a pharmacy student rotation? 

MedEssist hosts student rotations from 6 different faculties of pharmacy from across the country. They can be completed remotely or in-person in Toronto, Ontario. Visit to learn more.

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